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Unified’s leadership and management team communicates its values and expectations regarding Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) through structured and consistent distribution of Unified’s HS&E policies to all employees.

We ensure that all of our employees understand our HS&E policies throughout the employee life cycle.

Unified Valve has monthly HS&E meetings at all of our locations, as well as explore continuous improvements of our practices, procedures and employee engagement.

Unified has a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) model that serves as the cornerstone of Unified’s overall Quality Control program. SOPs are documented with all associated forms and training content to ensure the most comprehensive operating model for high quality and safe operations of all equipment and infrastructure at both Unified’s branch locations and our customers’ facilities.


The training, adoption and continuous improvement of our SOPs begin during on-boarding. Unified also engages each and every customer in SOP discussions prior to performing work-related activities at a customer’s premise to ensure that customer-specific procedures are incorporated, adhered to and executed.



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Unified Valve Group Ltd. is Committed to Quality. Committed to Safety.