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Oil Sands

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Exceeding the evolving needs of a vital industry

The development of the oil sands is a key driver of our economy and since 1999 over $215B has been invested in its future. The oil sands creates jobs and tax revenue for government which support social programs and capital infrastructure projects across Canada.  With Unified branches in Edmonton and Bonnyville we can support day to day operations and inventory control.  With our mobile On-Site fleet, we can work directly with operation teams within a facility.


Mining offers some of the most challenging working environments and a dedication to safety is paramount. Given the extreme conditions Unified Valve offers maintenance and repair solutions for all valve types including API/ANSI.  Through in-line testing, mobile PSV servicing and branch services we help limit downtime and ensure reliability.

Steam Service

Unified adheres to the most stringent regulations and can test on steam with our boiler service and in-line AVK mobile unit. Given strict regulations on steam valves Unified Valve Group works closely with our oil sands partners to limit downtime and maximize production windows.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain performance can impact efficiency, productivity and your bottom line and we take this seriously. Unified Valve Group leverages our longstanding relationships with manufacturers and our extensive network to get you what you need, when you need it, for the price we said we would.