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Steam Trap Surveys

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Steam Trap Surveys

Unified Valve Group is now offering Steam Trap Surveys throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan – Unified uses the TLV TrapMan system for conducting Steam Trap Surveys.

A steam trap inspection report can provide an overview of the steam trap population, faulty steam traps and steam leaks throughout your facility that can affect safety, steam loss/production and monetary loss. The steam trap survey also shows areas where further action should be taken to prevent damage to assets and piping.

Unified has a dedicated team that is TLV certified to perform Steam Trap Surveys throughout Western Canada. With numerous steam trap audits performed, Unified can conduct steam trap surveys across all industries from Oil Sands, Energy, Institutional & Commercial to Pharmaceutical.

Types of Steam Traps

  • Mechanical Steam Traps
    • Free Float Steam Trap
    • Lever Float Steam Trap
    • Inverted Bucket Steam Trap
  • Thermostatic Steam Trap
    • Balanced Pressure Steam Trap
    • Bi-Metal Steam Trap
    • Expansion Thermostatic Trap
  • Thermodynamic Steam Traps
    • Thermodynamic Disc
    • Piston Type
  • Replacement of steam traps available

Steam Trap Survey Diagnositic Steps

Step 1: Meeting
Step 2: On-site survey
Step 3: Report
Step 4: Proposal

TrapMan Management Survey System

  • Has over 4,000 unique trap codes in the system
  • Uses a precision ultrasonic and temperature testing instrument
  • Instrument performs three functions: records temperature, ultrasonic levels, and logs data into software
  • Data can be summarized into a variety of reports, tables, and graphs
  • Historical steam trap survey data is kept in the TrapManager DC database
  • TLV TrapMan System meets ASME PTC 39-2005 and ISO 5117:2023 standards for steam loss testing equipment