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Committed to Quality.
Committed to Safety.

Unified Valve is creating solutions to help deliver and generate sustainability through efficient, low maintenance and high performance operations. With continually ever changing codes and standards our service technicians and employees have the most up to date training to ensure we are compliant in all areas.



By working with Unified Valve, you can be assured that all logistical, technical and supply chain management requirements will be accounted for. Our local knowledge and industry experience allows Unified Valve to deliver customer focused solutions.

Local Support

With locations throughout Alberta and British Columbia along with our On-Site units, we have a wide reach which means no city or town is to remote for us. Our On-Site units allow for us to do on site testing which allows for little to no disruptions in operations, solutions for both onsite and remote areas.

Water Treatment

Unified Valve has the expertise and efficiency to handle the pumps and valves associated with your water treatment and wastewater. With no room for error our valves and pumps are set to high standards to ensure environmental safety is a top priority.

Reliable Clean Water

Our full range of technologies such as valves, PSVs, gauges, thermowells and pumps will help maintain your water and wastewater processes to ensure that it is at the highest quality achievable.

Water and Wastewater

Mechanical issues and unreliable technology can disrupt production, ultimately decreasing the efficiency of your operations. Our leading technology, unmatched product line and API/ANSI division help ensure you water and waste water treatment operations are running at optimal performance.