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Valves & Actuation

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Proactive Valve Maintenance

Unified Valve Group's API/ANSI service and repair division supplies preventative maintenance solutions for all valve types including wellhead, pipeline and plant assets. Our qualified and seasoned technicians bring decades of experience to deliver predictive, preventative and corrective maintenance solutions to ensure valve integrity and optimal operation of your facility.

Our expert valve team assesses your process facility to create a customized valve service and preventative maintenance program.


We determine valve service intervals and supply innovative solutions - such as synthetic lubricants to extend the time between service intervals, reduce environmental emissions and extend valve life in high temperatures or corrosive applications.

Through proper routine servicing, problematic valves with special service requirements, repair needs or fitting changes are recorded. All data including the manufacturer’s nameplate is compiled. This database is available to the operations and quality control departments at all times through ValveTek®. Information displayed on the nameplate is also recorded so that if a valve problem occurs, manufacturer parts can be ordered quickly, prior to the scheduled valve repair to minimize process downtime.

Service intervals vary between processes. A sweet facility normally requires valve servicing twice a year, maximum to maintain low operating torque, reduce process losses and to displace liquids in valves which can cause hydrates during operations. Facilities with high concentrations of hydrogen sulphide gas may require servicing up to four times a year, due to elevated temperatures, corrosive products, amines and sulphur extraction. The increased service frequency is also for maintaining low torque, displacing hydrates and reducing process losses.

Unified Valve Group is committed to partnering with our clients to create a program that best suits their needs and application. As the service program evolves, we adjust the frequency in each area according to the feedback received from our service technicians.

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