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Continental Disc

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Over-Pressure Solutions

Continental Disc Corporation rupture disc and holders are a versatile and cost-effective option to help reduce downtime, lower maintenance costs and increase facility productivity. With diverse industries throughout Western Canada from Oil and & Gas, Pulp & Paper to Food & Beverage - there is a rupture disc option available for your application.

Unified Valve Group is your Western Canadian Distrubutor for Continental Disc Corporation



HPX Rupture Disc Family

High-performance operating capabilities, a wide range of burst ratings and durable material make HPX rupture discs ideal for facilities where operating conditions and media change frequently.
More Information on HPX Rupture Discs

Reverse-Acting Rupture Discs

The reverse-acting rupture discs are the most accurate, fine-tuned score blades ensure precise scores and clean consistent ruptures on every disc.
More Information on Reverse-Acting Rupture Discs

Forward-Acting Rupture Discs

Every one of our forward-acting rupture discs is an advanced, state-of-the-art tool that can be counted on to reliably keep your operation safe.
More Information on Forward-Acting Rupture Discs

Specialized Rupture Discs

If an existing solution won't work your application, we can modify or redesign any of the products to match your system - or create a completely custom, one-of-a kind solution.
More Information on Specialized Rupture Discs

Burst Disc Indicators

Burst Disc Indicators systems are compatible with a range of rupture discs and can be adapted to nearly any facility.
More Information on Burst Disc Indicators

Rupture Disc Holders

More Information on Rupture Disc Holders


More Information on Accessories

HPX Rupture Disc
HPX Rupture Disc
Standard Holder