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GROTH has a wide range of products from pressure/vacuum relief valves (PVRV), vents & hatches, flame or detonation arrestor, blaket gas regulator and other low-pressure relief products to accommodate all industries, specializing in Oil and Gas. GROTH's high-precision safety products are ideal, cost effective solutions for your facilties fire preventation, emission control and media loss prevention needs.

Unified Valve Group is the Official Canadian Distributor of GROTH Products.



Relief Valves (PVRV)

Designed to protect your tank from damage created by overpressure or excessive vacuum. Costly product evaporation losses due to normal tank “breathing” are greatly reduced. Because the valve retains toxic vapors, atmospheric contamination is minimized.
More Information on Relief Valve (PVRV) Models

Emergency Relief Valves

Designed to provide emergency relief capacity beyond that furnished by the normal operating pressure relief valve on the tank. The valve protects the tank against rupture or explosion that could result from excessive internal pressures caused by fire.
More Information on Emergency Relief Valve Models

Flame Control 

Designed to protect your tank from damage created by overpressure or excessive vacuum, at the same time that they provide protection from externally caused sources of heat and ignition. As well inhibits flame propagation in gas piping systems and protects low pressure tanks containing flammable liquids.
 More Information on Flame Control Models

Vents and Hatches

Vents offer efficient flow capacity for the protection of the tank with the hatch providing access for gauging or obtaining product samples from storage tank.
More Information on Vents & Hatch Models

Blanket Gas Regulators

Blanket Gas Regulators ensure that a constant gas pressure is maintained in the vapor space of a storage tank.
More Information on Blaket Gas Regulator 

Biogas Solutions

 More Information on Biogas Models

PVRV with Pressure & Vacuum Spring
Emergency PVRV, Weight-loaded