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Mercer Valve Canada Ltd. - A Trusted Reliable Valve

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Think ... Mercer First

When it comes to the ultimate in high performance, Mercer Valve Canada Ltd. safety relief valves meet the absolute toughest standards. Far superior to traditional relief valve designs; Mercer valves open, close, seat and seal.

Lightweight, compact and extremely reliable, Mercer valves use Auto Seat Technology®. This patented design allows our valves to relieve pressure ("pop") virtually hundreds of times yet remain "bubble tight". The full line of threaded, flanged and pilot operated products are up to the challenge of rough handling and severe service applications.

Manufactured exclusively in North America, Mercer Valve recognizes the need for products to be available within days, even hours, to meet customer needs.

To meet these requirements, we are constantly adding additional inventory to our own warehouses and distribution centers. Our goal is to have what you need, when you need it, where you need it.

Be it threaded or flanged valves, springs, repair kits or pilot parts, Mercer Valve Canada Ltd. and our support team of professionals are here to provide everything you need to get your systems back online and operating to their maximum potential.

Why do thousands of customers choose Mercer Valve over the competition, every time?

  • Canadian Registration Numbers Registered in all Canadian Provinces and Territories
  • OG8841-5CRI
  • Advanced Engineering Design
  • High Flow Rates
  • Extended Seat Life
  • Proven Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Accurate Settings
  • Difficult Application Solutions
  • Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Exotic Body Materials Available
  • Soft-Seat Materials to meet the Toughest Requirements
  • All Models Built to ASME Sect Vlll, Div 1 Code Requirements
  • Bubble Tight (Reducing Fugitive Emissions)
  • Liquid Valves up to 2500 PSI
  • 100% American Manufactured
9100 Series FlangedA perfect Valve for all industrial air, gas, or liquid relief applications, including compressors, separators, heater treaters, scrubbers, dehydrator, free water knockouts, thermal relief, gas production units, transmission and gathering lines, meter runs, gas plants, chemical plants and other industrial applications.